Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Navy Hospitalman Zachary Alday, 22

This is my second soldier portrait that I have painted for the Art From the Heart project and this one was really tough for me. I guess it was harder because I wasn't on such a short deadline like I was with Jamaal's portrait so I had more time to really think about him and his family. Needless to say this project has been a very emotional yet rewarding experience for me and the others involved but you don't realize how deep it touches you.

A local magazine is doing a 24 page article about the project and we have been editing the biographies of 30+ soldiers and I think once I am finished I will have to take a day and just cry. They were so young and had such great futures ahead of them. Not to mention all of the loved ones left behind.

Anyway, please visit our website to view all of the beautiful portraits that are being uploaded daily. And if you are in Atlanta on September 8th, please plan to attend our exhibition's opening. We would love to see you there!